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The Present and Future of Podcasting

The Present and Future of Podcasting

Update: 2020-04-211



We're back!

Jerod Morris and Jonny Nastor and reunite to talk podcasting ... for the first time in almost 18 months!

We are actually killing two birds with one stone: a Lunch & Learn for folks in the Unemployable Initiative (a community that Jerod runs) and a new episode for this long-dormant Showrunner feed.

Learn more about the community:

We cover:

• Takeaways from the annual Infinite Dial survey on the podcasting industry.
• Why our four pillars of successful are still just as important now as when we developed them; in fact, they are probably more important.
• What authenticity in podcasting actually means.
• Why it's not just about connection anymore, but about developing something on top of that.
• Umm ... what is a "podcast" anymore?
• What impact with Spotify and other streaming services have on listening habits and the way we should think about our podcasts.
• A few technological advancements worth considering.
• A massive podcasting opportunity that not a lot of people are considering.

We also answer several questions from the live folks:

• How do you promote a new podcast and drive attention to it?
• What should you consider if you have a thick accent?
• Are short-form podcasts a good option for hyperlocal websites?

And more. It was a jam-packed conversation. And you know what? It was just really fun. The Showrunner podcast worked because Jonny and Jerod have a lot of respect for each other, good chemistry, and different viewpoints. I think all of that was still there 18 months later. :-)
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Evgenia Brykova

Happy you are back, though it's first time l hear you 🙈🥳 I'm a new starter and this episode is just in time for me to know not only basics but also trends in podcasting. Looking forward for your next episodes. Love it! ❤️

May 26th
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The Present and Future of Podcasting

The Present and Future of Podcasting

Jerod Morris and Jonny Nastor