The Price of Silence | 3

The Price of Silence | 3

Update: 2019-06-13167


Episode 3: A teenage girl sits down to play piano and is surprised by an intruder. As victims seek help, they find that the law and society are not always on their side.

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Comments (15)

Shawn Hill

as a christian I think this is really sad. I know what the word of God says about rapists. they should be put to death. instead we live in a nation that lets murderers and rapists either live with free food or give them ten years in prison just so they can get out and do it again. there is hope though. mans form of justice is skewed, perverted, and temporary. the justice of God is perfect and no one gets away.

Jul 22nd

Luke David

Honestly criminology covers this and I’m listening to this to hear a different narration but I think so far I prefer criminology. The commercials are at the beginning and easy to skip. Seems to be more info to but a different type of narration

Jul 24th
Reply (1)


I hope Chris was able to recover from both the assault, and from the brainwashing imposed upon her by her parents from the time she was born.

Jul 20th


"Jesus, here I come." "We looove to romanticize the idea of individual achievement..." The timing of commercials is so annoying on this show. 🤦

Jul 4th
Reply (1)

Tara Lacey

chalk it up to small cock syndrome, really?

Jun 26th
Reply (4)

Geoff Schmidt

episode cuts out a chunk of info near the end...

Jun 22nd

Donya Mashaallah Poor

Lot's of noise in the background I really could not focus.

Jun 19th

Archie Smith

"homosexual impairment.." WTF?

Jun 17th
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The Price of Silence | 3

The Price of Silence | 3