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The Psychological Contract

The Psychological Contract

Update: 2021-04-091


It has profound impact on how people show up at work and yet it hardly ever gets addressed. It’s all that is not on paper, but that is implied, assumed and perceived.

Alongside the legal employment agreement there is the psychological contract: the actual relationship between organisation and employee. And just like the relationships in your personal life it takes work that is worth the investment.

The psychological contract has lots more impact on our day-to-day behaviour at work than that piece of paper that you signed or that policy handbook on your intranet.

It impacts how much people are willing to contribute and what they think of you as an employer. It starts from the moment someone even considers applying for a job until after they’ve left.

It gets built in the mesh of relationships in your workplace. Built of expectations, assumptions, perspectives in someone’s head that you can’t really know until you talk about them.

You don’t know unless you ask.

By addressing this, you can signal, clarify and understand those assumptions so much better.

This will help you honour the deal that people – including you – feel they have with their employer: trusting my employer to invest in me in a way that is balanced with what I invest in my work.

This is your way to building trust and facilitating change.

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The Psychological Contract

The Psychological Contract

Lisa Dempsey & Marjolijn Vlug