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The Quantum Mindset • X47

The Quantum Mindset • X47

Update: 2021-07-091


We will learn:

  • How our imaginations and our realities are related

  • The dangers of continually bombarding our brains with stimulation from phone, tv, computer, etc.

  • The science of quantum water jumping

What if we truly believed that we already had everything that we needed? That we’re good enough or even perfect just as we are? That the happiness we seek is in the present moment, rather than in our Amazon carts?
We are always creating. With our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions, our energy.
So if we changed our mindset to one of wholeness, what could we create from there?
Maybe if we focused less on how to fix ourselves, we’d be able to use our power into creating things to better the world.
Or we’d have the energy to focus on actually living our purpose. Can you imagine? If every living person here on earth was living out their soul’s mission?
What kind of world would that be?
That’s what we’re talking about today. 
Our guest is Rick Thompson, an author and intellect who helps people enter the quantum mindset and tap into heightened tools for manifesting your deepest dreams.

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The Quantum Mindset • X47

The Quantum Mindset • X47

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