DiscoverThe Vaping FixThe Rational Future of Smoking | 6
The Rational Future of Smoking | 6

The Rational Future of Smoking | 6

Update: 2021-06-1511


As one father wrestles with his son’s intensifying nicotine addiction, Juul’s founder finds himself in the hot seat in front of the country’s highest powers. The company is fighting to defend its reputation, but some mistakes can be hard to forgive.

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Comments (3)

Andrew Stimpson Gee

I agree with Jul however the Stanford professor analysis was total B.S. but that's the majority of Ivy league academia they just fine something from nothing.

Jun 22nd

Andrew Stimpson Gee

Jul paints a tale of unintended consequences but how can you work in advertising and be so ignorant about the consequences of advertising. It was intentionally targeted toward young people.

Jun 22nd


This is a very terrible situation, but no offense, did you hear that father in the end? He blamed everyone else except himself and his wife. I mean, f**k, he found Juul several times AND a large bag of weed in his teenage son's room and still trusted his son's lies until he was completely addicted. You can kill a company or a whole industry to stop addiction, but you can kill stupidity.

Jun 15th
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The Rational Future of Smoking | 6

The Rational Future of Smoking | 6