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The Real Life Actor with Jeff Seymour

The Real Life Actor with Jeff Seymour

Update: 2023-01-15


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Season 2, Episode 1. We start 2023 with an awesome episode with friend and acting teacher, from Los Angeles, Jeff Seymour, aka The Real Life Actor.

Jeff has been an acting coach for 42 years. He currently has a number 1 rated podcast, The Real Life Actor, with 151 episodes which can be found on all platforms. Jeff also wrote a book on acting, The Real Life Actor, available on He currently teaches six international Zoom classes a week, as well as private training and audition coaching.

I am a HUGE advocate of Jeff and his training, it has been my mainstay regime since commencing as an actor. I thoroughly recommend his book, his podcast and his training.

Jeff’s approach to acting is simple, honest and real.

In this episode, we discuss all aspects of his training, and how it was developed "in the trenches" and grew from experiences learnt in the field as an actor. We learn why it is unnecessary to fill one's toolbox full of tools, but how to have just the most pertinent and most important information at hand and in your head to bring a scene to life.

By treating whatever is happening in the scene as the most important thing (as we do in real life) you will never have a problem in making your scene real. And keeping actors "out of their heads" so they can play the scene truthfully and organically.

We also look at some of the technical sides of acting and call into question the industry generalisation of auditions such as the standard blue or grey back-ground, and the need to just deliver the scene.

And we also discuss why an actor needs to honor the writer's words, and how you can say those words verbatim and in a way that the audience believes they are being said for the first time.

Check-out  The Real Life Actor for further information.

And grab yourself a copy of the book from

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Jeff is touring Australia in late February 2023, email him at for dates and booking details.

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The Real Life Actor with Jeff Seymour

The Real Life Actor with Jeff Seymour

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