DiscoverThe Generation Why PodcastThe Redhead Murders - 459
The Redhead Murders - 459

The Redhead Murders - 459

Update: 2022-03-0727


On this episode, Justin is joined by Shane Waters of the FoulPlay podcast to discuss a serial killer case he was involved in. In 2016, Shane had placed a red cross at the site where the body of a Jane Doe victim was found in Arkansas in 1984. This small act led Shane down a path of investigation, intrigue, and assistance from an unexpected source. Shane was able to discover the identity of the murdered victim and was able to connect additional victims to the investigation. Sometimes we don't realize how one small act of kindness will affect the world around us.

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I really liked this episode. It is absolutely true that it doesn't have much information about the victims -- but it doesn't focus on the killer either. It revolves around a journey and a traveller that started out without any clear goals and how they reached something of a destination. If that sounds like something you'd like to hear about, then great! If it doesn't, you may not find this episode too interesting, so I suggest you skip it.

Jun 10th

Gary Howard

exactly what I was thinking. I'm halfway through the episode and all I know is what he did and what he cares about me me me me all about how important he is to this case. which I still don't know what it is.

Mar 20th

Lori C.

The episode is misnamed.... should have been called "What I Did .. the Shane Waters story". too little info about what the case(s) were about or the victims.

Mar 18th
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The Redhead Murders - 459

The Redhead Murders - 459