DiscoverBeyond PerceptionThe Return of Christ? It's not what you think | Marianne & Johan (#220)
The Return of Christ? It's not what you think | Marianne & Johan (#220)

The Return of Christ? It's not what you think | Marianne & Johan (#220)

Update: 2024-04-14


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-- MY GUEST --

Marianne und Johann Niklasson educate about the NOW mushroom Amanita Muscaria and its properties and empower people in waking up and manifesting their dreams.

Talked to
­čĺí Transformative Power of Amanita Muscaria
­čĺí Awakening to True Self through Amanita Muscaria
­čĺí Manifestation and Creativity Enhancement

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-- THEMES --

Introduction to Amanita Muscaria: Transformative Properties
Deep Dive into Neuroplasticity and Healing Effects
Personal Testimonies: Life-Changing Experiences
Exploring the Spiritual Awakening with Amanita Muscaria
The Impact on Mental and Emotional Health
Manifestation and Creativity Boost Through Amanita
Understanding the Science Behind Neuroplasticity
Amanita Muscaria: Gateway to Personal Truth and Self-Realization
How to Use Amanita Muscaria for Personal Development
Closing Thoughts: The Future of Amanita Muscaria in Therapeutic Practices

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The Return of Christ? It's not what you think | Marianne & Johan (#220)

The Return of Christ? It's not what you think | Marianne & Johan (#220)

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