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The Rise & Fall of Oscar Pistorius

The Rise & Fall of Oscar Pistorius

Update: 2020-09-1511


Oscar Pistorius, nicknamed “Blade Runner,” is an international celebrity when he shoots and kills his girlfriend just 8 months after competing in the London Olympics. Charged with murder, he tells police it was a tragic mistake and that he was acting in self-defense as he believed he was firing at an intruder. Keith Morrison reports on the aftermath of the judge’s verdict and the ensuing court battle.

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Suzanne Hubbard Gerken

I haven't heard about this case for a long time. Thank you for covering it and updating us.

Sep 21st
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The Everyday Bombshell

Not buying it. That judge is a product of a system that believes men over women, and where domestic violence is even worse than in the United States (and it's pretty bad here.) She believed this so-called hero because of his fame... despite many witnesses that heard differently and disproved his case. I did think it was funny that his defense attorneys said the text messages in which Riva showed she feared him we're just a lovers' spat. There were many witnesses who heard a lover's spat the night that Riva died. Thanks for agreeing with us that your client is a jealous, crazy freak.

Sep 16th
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The Rise & Fall of Oscar Pistorius

The Rise & Fall of Oscar Pistorius