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The Rise and Fall of Jamaican Blue Mountain

The Rise and Fall of Jamaican Blue Mountain

Update: 2022-06-15


Jools' investigation into this elusive coffee will leave your taste buds clamouring for the sweet and fruity notes of Blue Mountain Coffee…

When was the last time you encountered Jamaican coffee in your favourite cafe? Chances are, unless you frequent the high-end establishments of Mayfair (or happen to be royalty), the answer may well be "never."

In this special episode, Jools takes Scott on a poignant personal journey into the land of her paternal heritage while casting light on Jamaican coffee's fascinating and disturbing past.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee was once considered the cream of the coffee crop, but plummeting production beneath an ominous veil of secrecy has left the country's coffee industry in crisis.

Along the way, the author of "The Mother of Us All", Karla Gottlieb, paints a picture of a paradise island invaded by colonialists and the ingenious fightback by a cunning queen. Smith's Coffee's Colin Smith explains the historical quirks that have led to most Jamaican coffee being sold to Japan.

Dominic Wyndham-Gittens of Wyndhams Coffee Roasters in Barbados points the finger at the Jamaican coffee industry's painful decline.

And Marshalee Valentine, President of JAWiC, offers a glimpse of hope for some green shoots of recovery.

Content Warning: This episode contains mentions/descriptions of slavery and violence against enslaved people that can be disturbing or triggering.

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The Rise and Fall of Jamaican Blue Mountain

The Rise and Fall of Jamaican Blue Mountain

Jools Walker, Scott Bentley, James Harper