DiscoverThe Modern Spirituality ShowThe Rise of the Heart with Jessie May Wolfe & Ben Decker
The Rise of the Heart with Jessie May Wolfe & Ben Decker

The Rise of the Heart with Jessie May Wolfe & Ben Decker

Update: 2022-10-20


As automation and technology continues to rapidly replace our human skills, emotional intelligence has never been more critical. Empowering the heart of you and your team of people gives you the leading edge that can help guide you towards inspiring shifts.

"When we remember that connection is our greatest currency, we can empower the necessary action to turn the tides. When people feel their contribution matters, you embolden them to give their best and everybody wins."

- Jessie May Wolfe  on The Modern Spirituality Show

This week's guest is Jessie May Wolfe, founder of  The HeartRise Movement.  Jessie May builds bridges, transforms people and evolves cultures. Jessie May works with leading brands including  Amazon, Soho House, Uber and UCLA, that understand how important it is to lead with the heart in today’s fast-paced world.  If you, your company or community, would like to explore more about the intersection between business, spirituality and heart centered innovation, be sure to tune into this inspiring episode between author and founder, Jessie May Wolfe and 4x bestselling author & meditation/mindfulness expert, and your host of The Modern Spirituality Show, Ben Decker. Once you learn the Language of the Heart, you can connect with and empower more people and serve the global spiritual awakening that is taking place around the world.   

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Jessie May Wolfe is a world traveler that ignites hearts everywhere she goes from London to Hong Kong, Montreal to Los Angeles ~ including Australia, Kenya, India, Costa Rica, Mexico to name only a few. 

From Wellness to Tech, Sports to Advertising, Real Estate to Non-Profit, and Education, HeartRise ignites the heartbeat of culture ~ offering a fresh take on heart-powered leadership.

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The Rise of the Heart with Jessie May Wolfe & Ben Decker

The Rise of the Heart with Jessie May Wolfe & Ben Decker

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