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The Roofer-Insurance Relationship on Seated2Serve

The Roofer-Insurance Relationship on Seated2Serve

Update: 2019-07-02


In this episode of Seated2Serve, host Jeff Bickerstaff talks with John Bacon, owner of local DFW Bacon Roofing, about the roofer-insurance relationship on behalf of homeowners.  In the roofing business there are widely held misunderstandings about how to get a great deal on a roof repair or replacement.  Most homeowners have a difficult time telling the real thing from a fraud, especially when it looks like they can whittle the price or deductible down.

Who doesn't want a great deal on an expensive replacement? Every roofer knows their customer wants to come out ahead. A trustworthy roofing company will take the time to outline the situation for the homeowner, and work with their insurance agent to make sure every necessary structural, functional, and cosmetic need is met.

Have trouble trusting that roofer-insurance relationship? Listen in, this was eye-opening for the entire studio audience. What you think is a great deal could very well be an overpriced hunk of junk, coming in at a price they'll have to cut serious corners to perform.

To connect with Bacon Roofing, go to, and find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Call 972-772-1999 to talk with them today!

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The Roofer-Insurance Relationship on Seated2Serve

The Roofer-Insurance Relationship on Seated2Serve

Jeff Bickerstaff / John Bacon, Bacon Roofing