DiscoverThe Morning BriefThe SVB Crisis: The Inside Track & Road Ahead
The SVB Crisis: The Inside Track & Road Ahead

The SVB Crisis: The Inside Track & Road Ahead

Update: 2023-03-15


A regional bank in the United States sends ripples across global financial markets. Silicon Valley Bank the banking hub for startups not just in Palo Alto but had footprints in India, Canada EU and even China. Did SVB get too hot too soon or was it a case of poor risk mismanagement with bad investment decisions? Will this spell big trouble for little banks or will it bring in good news by way of a pausing Fed? Host Anupriya Nair, explores answers to these questions with voices across the ecosystem: Joining in on the podcast today a full line up-:



From The VC World

  1. Hemant Taneja is CEO and managing director of global VC firm General Catalyst, backers of legendary companies like Stripe, Snap, Samsara, Airbnb, Kayak and Gusto. Hemant took the lead in getting more than 110 VC firms to show collective support towards Silicon Valley Bank  (Please Link Hemant Taneja Twitter under his name, Tag LinkedIn for General Catalyst and tag the post of on LinkedIn for the statement)

  2. Narendra Rathi is an Investment Director with Softbank and is also part of SoftBank’s India Vision Fund.


From The Startup Corner


  1. Cuneyt Buyukbezci is a serial startup founder and is currently Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder at tech startup Mergeflo which banks with SVB. Cuneyt calls the SVB debacle a Lehman moment for startups not for the contagion but for the shock value lessons learnt.

  2. Nitish Mittersain is the CEO and Founder of listed Indian Gaming firm Nazara who had exposure to the tune of $7.7 million to SVB via two subsidiaries. Nitish anticipates startup will need to up their game when it comes to risk management and diversification and choose stability over ease to ensure stability. 



From Wall Street

  1. Dr Edward Yardeni, a market veteran based in New York and is President for Yardeni Research and Ed belongs to the camp that believes that SVB debacle will showcase the FOMC that the damage is done and rates should stop hiking as early as the March meeting.


Credits: WION, Bloomberg Television, CNN, Sky News Australia, MSNBC, NBC Television


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The SVB Crisis: The Inside Track & Road Ahead

The SVB Crisis: The Inside Track & Road Ahead

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