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The Science of Leadership & Employee Engagement

The Science of Leadership & Employee Engagement

Update: 2021-06-24


What influences employee engagement? Julie Jeannotte has spent many years researching what it takes to lead and influence people, and how companies help employees stay passionate about their jobs. Julie is an Employee Engagement Expert and Senior Researcher at Officevibe, an author, a panelist, and a keynote speaker. In this episode, Julie and Mike Sipple Jr. discuss becoming better leaders by enhancing employee engagement in your organizations.

  • Julie shares with Mike that Officevibe was based around ‘the science of employee engagement.’ The science is simply about understanding what motivates people at work. [4:01 ]

  • Officevibe compiles data taken from their bank of questions to create a report, which gives leaders authentic insight into their team engagement. [4:49 ]

  • Leaders have to be vulnerable. Employees feel seen and know that they aren’t alone when leaders are transparent about their own feelings and experiences.  [10:43 ]

  • Julie shares the 10 engagement metrics. [14:41 ]

  • One thing leaders can do for their people is ask the right questions, so that they gather the right information. This should then inform how they respond. [16:40 ]

  • 70% of the variance of employee engagement can be attributed to the relationship with the manager. To the employee, the manager represents the organization. If the employee has a relationship with the manager that isn’t based in trust and communication, they’re going to view the organization in a negative light as well. [17:55 ]

  • There are four keys of leading courageously. The number one component is being more empathetic and seeking to understand from the other person's viewpoint. Being transparent is another, and leaders need to be both present and future-minded. [25:29 ]

  • Silence is a powerful tool in listening as it allows us to listen with our ears and our eyes, and lets us observe what is happening. This is so important for leaders. [28:20 ]


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The Science of Leadership & Employee Engagement

The Science of Leadership & Employee Engagement

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