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The Second American Civil War

The Second American Civil War

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Are you worried about the possibility of The Second American Civil War? In Episode 1 of, 'It Could Happen Here,' Robert explains why 2016 was the first time he started to seriously worry about it.

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Comments (44)


God, this guy called it! insurrection sure did happen. Kudos to the person on Reddit who suggested this podcast!

Jan 15th


holy shit listening to this after kenosha is mind blowing

Dec 2nd

Shinoz Snow

It's so scary and upsetting how much of this has happened.

Oct 3rd

Peter Matthews

It's late August 2020 and a Christian website just raised $100k for the Kenosha murderer. Just as described in this episode.

Aug 29th

G Money

watching this is July 2020... very unsettling... it feels prophetic

Jul 26th

Hollis Lee Williams

Just curious... Do you still believe that the extreme right will start everything? Because it looks like the far left is pushing us closer and closer to the brink.

Jun 11th
Reply (1)

Andrew Browne

Anyone using Alex Jones or QAnon as their main source is a conspiracy tin foil hatter

Jun 10th

Jade Brooks

love relistening to this in our now June 1st 2020

Jun 1st

Jason Szabo

I agree. Robert makes that very clear even if he tries to have you think it’s not. I was hoping to hear an unbiased opinion on this matter but it’s kind of spoiled at this point.

Jul 12th

Mike Velez

Very one sided.

May 7th

David Maggio

Robert. I respect your work. Like you I spent a lot of time in war zones. Do you think this experience may have framed some of your opinions? I mean, none of us are immune to the emotional and psychological injuries of war. I am getting help for my paranoia and PTS, I urge you to do the same. The military will NEVER harm the citizenry. We are not robots bro. Dont get ot twisted I ain't mad at you bro, I just think you might be thinking with a traumatized mind but then again so am I so... lol you do you bro I wish you the best.

Apr 27th
Reply (1)

Andrew Schmidt

extremely partisan, but still entertaining

Apr 18th

Brad Reading

What a fucking liberal pos idiot

Apr 13th
Reply (1)

Jonathan Roseland

This would be a pretty good podcast without the commercial interruptions every 15 minutes from iHearts other shitty podcasts (that are totally unrelated!) Also Robert, while he has some interesting experience, hasn't done his research talking to people on the right. Thus, far no mention of immigration as a significant driver of war. Look at history, immigration very often causes war. But he needs to keep things politically correct to keep the advertisers happy.

Apr 12th

Pan “Yea it’s me” Samuio

I do like the thinking exercise,but parts are very flawed but I enjoy your research into it

Apr 10th

Matthew Liles

Your Fantasy laced podcast, is pain to the ear

Apr 10th

Derrick Henderson

my anxiety just peaked again

Apr 3rd

Micheal Cannata

I'm sure he will get to the real reason people are ready to start brawling here in the states. 9/11, George Bush and his entire life of domestic control, police brutality and unchecked violence against the public, the attempts at repealing our 2nd amendment rights, the rise in prices across the board, the rise in unemployment..... the rich get richer while the rest of the country is left to fight each other for whatever is left. We are all sick of it and I, for one, am more than willing and more than capable of going to war...especially with the police. Don't be fooled for an instant. This scenario IS coming and if you think you are safe in your nice neighborhood behind your security fence and new BMW, think again. Not only are you not safe, you are probably the first to be detained and your property and funds will be confiscated in order to "protect our country from within". The police are being armed and outfitted with surplus military gear and ALL national guard bases are fully staffed and fully garrisoned. Their fences are full to bursting with vehicles designed for rapid troop deployment...or rapid detention and relocation of suspected "terrorists" to concentration camps which are conveniently local, thanks to the calculated military base closures across the US. THINK!!

Apr 1st

Paulie n. SD

I'll look forward to seeing the next episode. It is odd that this specifically targets conservatives as the cause of a civil war. I think it's coming and I think it was the left's complete domination of media that caused this to fail in Tim Mcveigh's time. Honestly, conservatives have been driven back and back and back by activists. Being conservative, they've been content to just keep backing away, not unlike the South in the civil war. Now, however, liberals are not content with just controlling the country, news and industry. They consider conservatives evil and want to eradicate them completely. Difference being military is overwhelmingly conservative. And the hot button issue of slavery, that even 30-40% of the south opposed, doesn't exist. I see this more as a charismatic Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro type leading the left to a fascist takeover, with conservatives fighting only in self defense. we shall see. You did say the first episode was focused on the right and biased as it was I was giving the benefit of a doubt. Guess we'll see how fair and unbiased this is with the next episode.

Apr 1st
Reply (5)

Justin Cavanagh

I love this dude . hypothetically speaking . America needs to get there shit together. The Pacific falls , Europe falls , then America falls or everything falls . snap out of it west , the gods on your side . You are lossing the pacific

Apr 1st
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The Second American Civil War

The Second American Civil War