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The Secret of The Alchemist with Colm Holland

The Secret of The Alchemist with Colm Holland

Update: 2020-06-211


In this extended 2 year anniversary episode of Spirit Sherpa, Kelle welcomes author of ‘The Secret of The Alchemist’, Colm Holland. Colm recounts his first introduction the book ‘The Alchemist’ (by Paulo Coelho) as a member of the Harper Collins publishing team that introduced the would be bestselling book to the world as well as his initial reactions and the journey that he has taken since. Colm talks about what he has discovered in his reading of Coelho’s book and some of the secrets of ‘The Alchemist’ that he shares in his book (links to Colm’s book, ‘The Secret of The Alchemist’ are in the additional notes below).


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The Secret of The Alchemist with Colm Holland

The Secret of The Alchemist with Colm Holland