DiscoverI’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGrawThe Secret to Fighting for The Truth- Part 2 (with Jeff Deskovic)
The Secret to Fighting for The Truth- Part 2 (with Jeff Deskovic)

The Secret to Fighting for The Truth- Part 2 (with Jeff Deskovic)

Update: 2021-02-05


Part 1 of The Secret to Fighting for The Truth was an instant hit... now find out how the story ends! Robin asks the hard-hitting questions about Jeff's experience in prison, including his first attack behind bars and his attempt at suicide. Jeff then goes on to explain the incredible story of how he got released, and you WILL NOT believe who ACTUALLY did it! Learn about Jeff's post-prison life as an Attorney and Wrongful Conviction Expert, and the impact that his case has had on the justice system. Robin dives into Jeff's trauma coping mechanisms, his current relationship hardships (why he doesn't believe he's a "keeper"), and how he has been able to continue to fight for the truth... and his happiness. Stay until the end for a healing and eye-opening game! More info at

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Tina Castellani

I'm not sure how to reach u ? Mrs Mcgraw. I've got a huge secret. And all I want is for my husband to believe me . these career criminals have ruined my life w a device given by the state . he's listening to me . I'm not the only women . there's 3 I know of and one's a good Friend . we met because she felt stalked . 27 of stalking me . he's 20ft away and. nobody believe that he send Brian Keith Freeman to my bedroom window five day after I tried to press voyermum charges. idk who he was. we went to court after Brian. I threatened to shot him and I got a 6 month restraining order . I had a blood clot and went into 6 comatose state stress induced migraine. he called my drs and pretended to be from the medical board. a Dr from another country. they scared him. he never ran any test on me my sister died from his neglect becux of phone calls . all I need is the link. I have no enemies. he has a motive and the means. a non fixes voip phone goes thru wifi and can by pass pass word . w great receiver on his roof got pics. he can pick up 100 ft . he's used my name identity theif. the fbi in Toledo Ohio have gov jobs w codes in international water. Brian in some foreign country. it sickens me . I'm so so desperate. your producer of Dr Phil, Amanda or idk Alison. id been back next door a day. and told her the Fbi will help me first. there awesome but can't confirm nor deny. this pervert has a wayward home in WV and it takes in troubled teen omg. it's for him to get to the babies. his charges r buried. I raised my daughter here and everyone real ass to them have charges w children. he interrupted a 911 call. I can't believe all this . but I told the feds here plaz don't let them around young ppl. he turned my oldest friend into dea. but the house next to her was the dopeman whose drugs killed a 16 yr old week before. he had my friend raided . her daughter stole some of my nerve pills he knew all that but he's a revenge stalker out to ruin u and he has me. her daughter went to rehab and the next day she raided her husband needed a kidney and died a month later. no drugs she couldn't take it all took her life. he's killing ppl literally and those young ppl omg help me plsz. idk if your ppl can find more. idk to give the names since this is a comment

Feb 8th
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The Secret to Fighting for The Truth- Part 2 (with Jeff Deskovic)

The Secret to Fighting for The Truth- Part 2 (with Jeff Deskovic)

Robin Mcgraw