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The Sex-Positive Parent

The Sex-Positive Parent

Update: 2020-09-10


How can we get better at talking to kids about sex? Karen chats with sexologist Jennifer Litner about her new online course for parents. Logan Pierce returns to discuss the term “nonbinary.” Audience member Jade shares their life experience of being polyamorous, gender nonconforming, and raising kids.

  • Karen interviews sexologist Jennifer Litner about “Building Ease Talking About the Birds and the Bees,” a new e-course for parents and care-givers who want to create sex-positive home environments and want concrete advice on language and strategies
  • Logan Pierce returns for another installment of “What’s Up with That?” to talk with Karen about the word “nonbinary” and gender-fluid identities
  • “Putting It Out There”: Karen interviews real people leading sex-positive lives, starting with Jade, a gender nonconforming polyamorous person who is also a parent. Recorded live at our June 2019 season preview show at The Boxcar
  • Karen pays tribute to Betty Dodson, pioneering writer about masturbation

This is the second episode in a three-part series on sex ed, parenting, and getting free of the sex lies we heard as kids. Catch up on part one, Sex Lies, and tune in next week for more!

In this episode:

Jennifer Litner

Building Ease Talking About the Birds and the Bees

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TransMentor Program at Lurie Children’s Hospital

June 2019 live show

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The Sex-Positive Parent

The Sex-Positive Parent

Karen Yates