DiscoverMuseums in Strange PlacesThe Shark Farm at Bjarnarhöfn (S01/E22)
The Shark Farm at Bjarnarhöfn (S01/E22)

The Shark Farm at Bjarnarhöfn (S01/E22)

Update: 2018-08-21


Iceland has a lot of weird traditional foods, but nothing compares to fermented shark meat. The family at Bjarnarhöfn has been hunting and fermenting shark meat for nearly 400 years, although today they only process bycatch Greenland sharks. Many years ago, the family opened a Shark Museum at the farm to share their traditions and introduce the world to “hákarl”. In this episode, I get an inside look at how one family continues this traditional method of de-toxifying shark meat while sharing their craft with anyone who’s brave enough to take a bite.

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 This episode is sponsored by Locatify. The featured song in this episode is “Mamma þarf að djamma” by Baggalútur.


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The Shark Farm at Bjarnarhöfn (S01/E22)

The Shark Farm at Bjarnarhöfn (S01/E22)

Hannah Hethmon