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The Skies The Limit With HANG 'EM HIGH

The Skies The Limit With HANG 'EM HIGH

Update: 2022-09-15


Brisbane heavy outfit Hang 'Em High have crammed a lot into their 18 months together.
The band dropped their debut single 'Slapshot regatta' within days of announcing their arrival, following that up two weeks later with 'Nothing For Nothing'. That track featured CJ McMahon from Thy Art Is Murder, further enhancing the fresh bands credentials and since then their metaphorical star has been on a continuing upward trajectory.
So much so that Hang 'Em High have been asked to appear at the inaugural Kaiju Festival at Brisbane's Mansfield Tavern on November 12, alongside Kaosis, Void Matter, Torizon, Adriatic, New Clear Vision and more.
CJ Nash caught up with drummer Matt and vocalist Brent to get the lowdown.
"Oh man," Brent enthused when asked what we can expect from their show. "Basically after this Friday's show - it's actually our bass players final show with us - he's got some life stuff he's moving forward with and Hang 'Em doesn't fit that picture. We've got a new bass player so we will be getting him sorted. We've got a new set so we're gonna re jig some of our stuff that we play now plus add some new things and we're gonna come out with a new image and pure chaos and energy."
CJ goes into greater depth about the festival, what the band has planned for the future, new music and more in the full audio of the interview which you can listen to below.








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The Skies The Limit With HANG 'EM HIGH

The Skies The Limit With HANG 'EM HIGH

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