DiscoverCrime Salad PodcastThe Sleepwalking Murderer: Kenneth Parks
The Sleepwalking Murderer: Kenneth Parks

The Sleepwalking Murderer: Kenneth Parks

Update: 2019-11-221


The big question revolving around this case is...Can you commit murder in your sleep? It seems crazy, and well, very unlikely. However, in this episode we will cover one of the most controversial cases of sleepwalking homicide... A Canadian murder which happened in may of 1987 was executed by a man who claims he was sleepwalking drives for miles and attacks his own mother and father in-law. When we first heard this case, we couldn't believe his defense was taken seriously, because, sleepwalking… really.. I have never seen someone actually sleep walk but I've been told I have walked in my sleep..

Research by Jessica Ann

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The Sleepwalking Murderer: Kenneth Parks

The Sleepwalking Murderer: Kenneth Parks