DiscoverMade WomenThe Sopranos, Episode 1: Meet Drea and Chris
The Sopranos, Episode 1: Meet Drea and Chris

The Sopranos, Episode 1: Meet Drea and Chris

Update: 2020-03-2311


Buongiorno! Welcome to the ultimate Sopranos re-watch podcast! On today’s episode, Drea and Chris unpack the pilot episode of the iconic series, The Sopranos, exploring essential themes while sharing personal stories, insight, and so much more!

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John Carpenter

love the podcast

May 15th


what a delightful podcast! So much shit flew between the hosts. Felt like I was sitting there at the kitchen table with them the whole time.

May 6th
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Goddess Universe

Thank God For this PodCast. CaronaVirus is more inI talia and Spain than most places with the most deathes besides China .

Mar 27th

Mandee Moore

I am SOOOOOO goddamned excited abt this, I actually feel a bit emotional! So I've never watched The Sopranos. I've seen a few of the episodes from the first season but I never kept going. It's crazy, too, that I've not. Not only am I obsessed with all of the actors in The Sopranos, I am also wildly OBSESSED with gangsters, the mob, the Italian culture and lifestyle, etc. I've seen every damn one of the classics but The Sopranos is the only one, I just... missed. I am also a complete Drea fan-bitch! I think she's so hilarious, and brilliant, not to mention INSANELY hot! I mean have you seen those fookin' eyes, those lips, that accent? Whew! Just wow! lol 😉😍 Wait...did Drea just say she's 48? Noooo waaay! How is that all possible?? Lol! Honestly I've not thought abt it bc she seems almost frozen in time! "Mozzafiato"! lol Anyway. If anyone knows, or hears, what their exact schedule is, please let me know, and also leave it in the comment section! I will certainly do the same! Man I am hella amped for this! With all of the sadness, and fear, and anxiety, in so, so many lives right now, this couldn't have come at a better time! Thank you ladies, so much for this!! Ti Amo! Ciao! X. 💋💛❤💚💙💜 P.S. I truly do hope that anyone who reads this, finds themselves, and their loved ones, doing, and feeling, well! Please take care and be safe! xoxo

Mar 24th
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The Sopranos, Episode 1: Meet Drea and Chris

The Sopranos, Episode 1: Meet Drea and Chris

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