DiscoverMonstruoThe Sorcerer | Part 1
The Sorcerer | Part 1

The Sorcerer | Part 1

Update: 2019-02-1325


The heart of a man is deceptive...

The blackest arts still thrive in the furthest reaches of the Sumatran countryside. In these impoverished villages, there are men who speak to the dead, who divine fortunes, and who cast protective charms … for a price.

Of these sorcerers, one dared to seek a power beyond the pale of mortal ken, by sucking the saliva from the mouths of women. Women who come to him for advice and go missing. Women from villages of people too afraid to reveal the truth, to challenge the strange and insidious powers of The Sorcerer.

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Dev Kenney

Batman, is that you?

Feb 19th

The Brotherhood of Sleep

I wish they would put out all of the stories at once so I can binge out on them.

Feb 13th
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Richard Plessinger

love the show.. bout to listen to the new one now

Feb 13th

Logan Gordon

I really love y'all's show! I don't think y'all should be so upset with those who call it "murder porn." As a survivor of sexual assault and domestic abuse, I think it's important to know what kind of monsters are out there. I think of this show as not only entertainment and art, but as something that brings awareness. Thank y'all for a wonderful job.

Feb 13th
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Studio 2053 Bisbee

Thanks for another episode guys, this one is really intriguing inn a kinda different way. I am just so impressed with the homework you guys have done on all these episodes.

Feb 13th
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The Sorcerer | Part 1

The Sorcerer | Part 1