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The Stand, Episode 01: The End

The Stand, Episode 01: The End

Update: 2021-12-21


Sean is challenged to make a vuvuzela sound and he just can’t come up with the right vocal gymnastics to follow through. Instead, Lee describes what it’s like to live in a place where people love their American football with an intense and burning passion.

Lee’s giving out all the dings now. She’s the Dingmeister, and you can go get your dings from her today! Just stay on her good side, otherwise, she’ll bring darkness into your world by taking away the dings.

Sean tries to keep himself from being flung all around the place when Lee makes a sharp segue into one of the main topics: what makes a film a “classic”? Is it the age of a film? The overall quality of it? Some combination of the two? We’d love for you to ask yourself the same question. What makes you consider a film classic?

In what was streamed this time, welcome to the end of the world. This is the start of our shaky first steps into the mini-series adaptation of a novel that both Sean and Lee have recently read and loved. It’s The Stand. The world is being ravaged by a government-created superflu. 99% of the world’s population has succumbed to the terrible illness, and only a meager few are left. Some will choose the path of good, and others will stray into the darkness.

(Recorded on November 08, 2021)

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(Turns out Netherlands was actually in the World Cup finals in 2010. Go, Dutch team!)


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The Stand, Episode 01: The End

The Stand, Episode 01: The End

Sean and Lee