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The Stand, Episode 02: Pocket Savior

The Stand, Episode 02: Pocket Savior

Update: 2021-12-28


Lee needs a fancy pants audio mixer so that she can make some sweet air horn and toot noises on this podcast. Is she willing to spend many hundreds of dollars on an audio mixer when she could instead spend them on some men’s pants?

Sean loves both of his dogs very much. He’s puzzled over the fact that one of his dogs is more adored than the other. Why wouldn’t they both be equally loved and fawned over? It feels like the internet is ruining his expectations about equal dog love.

The pair broach a difficult topic: what is proper public tooting etiquette? Do you just let it rip? Do you keep it as quiet as possible and play innocent? Do you blame someone else for the chemical attack? What in the world does Emily Post have to say about this?

Sean is confused about what’s happening in the vast and, apparently shared, Sabrina and Riverdale-verse. He doesn’t understand them one bit. Lee is here, as always, to educate him about current popular culture. Mostly, he’s still stuck way back in the early ‘40s when Archie became a thing.

Comics are great, and everyone should love them if they want to. Indeed, they’re the catalyst for Sean’s future Batman-themed costume parties. He’s going to dress up his cute pups as Batman and Robin. It’s going to be darling. Lee wants to be The Riddler; Sean’s going to be Mr. Alfred Pennyworth.

In what was streamed this time, the world is still crumbling, but this time we’re introduced to newly famous musician, Larry Underwood, and newly incarcerated man, Lloyd Henreid. The former is struggling to make his way out of New York City and out to Boulder where there is a growing community. The latter has found himself trapped in his prison cell and is resorting to some extreme measures to stay alive. Will either of them make it out with their humanity intact?

(Recorded on November 17, 2021)

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(This is Steven’s fancy pants audio mixer. It doesn’t cost quite as much as Sean said it did, but it’s still expensive as hell.)

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More Movies Please!

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The Stand, Episode 02: Pocket Savior

The Stand, Episode 02: Pocket Savior

Sean and Lee