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The Stand, Episode 03: Blank Page

The Stand, Episode 03: Blank Page

Update: 2022-01-04


What defines beauty? Who or what is the arbiter of what we, as a society, should value in other people? Why should it all be about surface perfection, instead of the more meaningful universe of experience and emotions we all have inside of us? Shouldn’t we crave connecting more and dividing less?

The pair believe there should be a hell of a lot more representation in, well, all media. In movies, there should be more starring roles for people that don’t look like those who have historically been given the starring roles. Stories would be more interesting all around, and we would be better for it.

Both Sean and Lee have gotten around to watching the Netflix film, Army of Thieves. It’s a prequel to the zombie film, Army of the Dead. This one’s less about undead brain exploding and a whole lot more about safe cracking and falling in love. It’s definitely worth a watch.

In what was streamed this time, we’re all introduced to yet another pivotal character in the saga of those who have survived a devastating plague. This time, we’re introduced to Nick Andros, one of the most intriguing people to make his way across the country and into Boulder. Who is this one-eyed, deaf, mute person with brooding intensity? What role will he play in this developing war between Las Vegas and Boulder?

(Recorded on November 22, 2021)

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The Stand, Episode 03: Blank Page

The Stand, Episode 03: Blank Page

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