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The Stand, Episode 04: The House of the Dead

The Stand, Episode 04: The House of the Dead

Update: 2022-01-11


Hello, One True Fan! You’re the best.

The pair start by discussing terminology on film sets, which is something that Sean should really have a better handle on. A call to the President of Hollywood is made, and it turns out that the dude is a punk. No surprise there.

It’s the holiday season at the time of this writing and it’s time to put tin foil and bows on trees now. Right? Or Sean and Lee could keep arguing about where to sit on a horse when you’re riding one.

Lee’s asking all the good questions again. This time, she’s asking about what makes a recording artist someone who lasts? What makes a musician a classic? How do they last forever, and when can they become legendary?

What will Disneyland be like seven years from now? Will intrepid archeologists uncover Walt Disney’s frozen corpse amidst the rubble? Whatever is found will surely be horrifying and thought-provoking. Also, the world is ending in seven years, apparently.

In what was streamed this time, whoever heard of Las Vegas? Nah, we’re all Boulder, all the time, and boy is there a lot of drama brewing out there. Our “antagonist,” Harold, is feeling angsty, the ad hoc committee of this new town is sending people to their doom, and Nadine is pulling all of the strings. We’re also treated to more scenes from the past, including a disturbing bit involving a gross and terrible sex harem. There’s quite a lot that happens, but you can rest assured that there still won’t be enough character development for anyone’s liking.

(Recorded on December 01, 2021)

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(This is the lyric video Sean and his friend made when they were back in film school many years ago. Enjoy the rough and disjointed work!)

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The Stand, Episode 04: The House of the Dead

The Stand, Episode 04: The House of the Dead

Sean and Lee