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The Story of Two Brothers From Mexico

The Story of Two Brothers From Mexico

Update: 2020-05-2679


Two brothers, Javier Morales, 48, and Martin Morales, 39, died of coronavirus within hours of each other in their adopted home of New Jersey. Their last wish was to be buried at home in Mexico, but, to make that happen, their family must navigate the vast bureaucracies of two countries, international airfare and the complications of a pandemic. Guest:Annie Correal, an immigration reporter for The New York Times, spoke with Shaila and Melanie Cruz Morales, twin sisters from New Jersey who are the men’s nieces. For more information on today’s episode, visit 

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  • In Mexico, being buried near home is a sacred rite. These are the obstacles the Morales family has faced as they try to return their uncles’ bodies home.
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viviana garcia

This is my actual nightmare. My family and I are also mexican immigrants and I fear that something like this could happen to them especially because of their distrust of the health institutions.

May 26th

carlos Rivera

Listen to the background music... Reaping at your heart and depressing. It's the typical leftist/socialist/democrat(?) rant of "its all our fault 'cause we're rich Americans".... Sorry, but I got 40 million "carnales" right now that just lost their jobs and more than likely won't find one anytime soon, so how bout you undocumented person go back to where ever you came from so my fellow UNEMPLOYED American can use that space/job to try to make it😉

May 26th
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Ben Wildman

Don't even have to listen to this to know they probably died either of comorbidities, toxic antiviral "treatment", or intubation

May 26th
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The Story of Two Brothers From Mexico

The Story of Two Brothers From Mexico