DiscoverWinning SeasonThe Success of Thriving through Challenge w/ Manessa Lormejuste
The Success of Thriving through Challenge w/ Manessa Lormejuste

The Success of Thriving through Challenge w/ Manessa Lormejuste

Update: 2020-09-14


Welcome to the Winning Season Podcast with this week’s featured guest Manessa Lormejuste. Manessa is a cosmetic chemist who graduated from Rutgers University in May 2017 and has been working at Loreal USA for three years formulating hair color products.

In this episode, Manessa talks about her blog, her latest reflection on three years at L’oreal, and her advice in furthering your career.

Manessa dedicates her blog “Ness Knows” to sharing resume tips, reviews on skincare, travel tricks, and more essential lifestyle tips. In her latest blog post, she discusses the importunacy of self-advocacy, taking risks, networking across not just up, to thy own self be true, and paying it forward. In this week’s episode, Manessa goes into detail about the importance of each of these attitudes and how it has shaped her and her career.

She also touches on the importance of her mentors, the female empowerment she’s experienced at Loreal, and the tough conversations her close group had when George Floyd was killed in May 2020.

So tune into this week’s episode of the Winning Season Podcast to hear more details about “Nessa Knows”, Manessa’s journey, and ways to change your perspective.

You can reach Manessa at or on Instagram at nessa_lo. You can purchase her “Ultimate Travel Packing Guide” at and for a limited time, you can get yours for only $10.

“I’m low key a nerd, but I’m like super girly. But I didn’t have anyone that looked like me…So I make a note to really share my story especially with younger students because I don’t want them to feel like there’s only one option. ”  --Manessa Lormejuste

Top Takeaways:

  • Manessa describes herself as a girly nerd and describes her journey from realizing her desire to be a chemist combined with her feminine personality.

  • Her hair color experience at Loreal, she reveals some of the products she’s worked on, and how she started off as a L’oreal baby.

  • She advocated for herself and took a risk to apply for a skincare position through the help of networking across.

  • Manessa has started valuing self-advocacy in her career and realizing that one conversation to speak up for herself will be difficult but not be the hardest thing.

  • Networking is not just about talking to the biggest and best person in the room, but it is about getting to know the people around you that later could help you. You never know where someone will end up and how that relationship could benefit you in the long run.

  • If you want to learn or do more, you are in charge of your career and taking the risk to have a new opportunity. If you don’t ask, you are guaranteed to not do what you want.

  • You are in the driver’s seat in your career and advocating yourself is not too bold when you know your worth.

  • Paying it forward to younger women to show them more options in life and in careers. You never know how it could change someone’s life.

  • The women in color think tank at L’oreal are a close-knit group that support one another, are transparent with one another, and have tough conversations when necessary.

  • If she can do it, you can do it.

  • When seated at the table, use your voice to speak up for others.


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The Success of Thriving through Challenge w/ Manessa Lormejuste

The Success of Thriving through Challenge w/ Manessa Lormejuste

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