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The Tattoo (Beginner)

The Tattoo (Beginner)

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Everyone gets their tattoo when they turn 18, but Gary doesn't want one. Finally, his parents make him get one. So he shaves off all his hair and gets an X-shaped tattoo on his head. Everyone hates it, and things only get worse...

Today's story is The Tattoo. Go to for the full transcript.
Level: Beginner.
Genre: Science Fiction.
New Vocabulary: Tattoo, Months in advance, Lie, Shape, Anxious, Hidden, Bum, Treat someone like, Barber, Shave your hair off, Go bald, Original, Remove.
Setting: Modern.
Word Count: 2244.
Author: Ariel Goodbody.

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Comments (2)

Mark Smith

I never thought I would take tattoo ideas from a public website, but it happened. This is a cool opportunity to take already ready and cool tattoo ideas without spending many hours searching for it. So I heartily advise you to check out something for yourself on this site if you need it.

Nov 17th

Anthony Hall

Ask around with friends, relatives, or even other people who have tattoos. Always do your research and make sure it’s a clean shop. Make sure that what they have posted reflects their real skills well. Some tattoo artists will post their BEST tattoos only from time to time. Facebook instagram or follow the artists, and be sure to follow the store pages. Sometimes it may take a while, but it’s worth it.

Nov 17th








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The Tattoo (Beginner)

The Tattoo (Beginner)