DiscoverLive Like It's TrueThe True Story at the Well {Mary DeMuth - John 4}
The True Story at the Well {Mary DeMuth - John 4}

The True Story at the Well {Mary DeMuth - John 4}

Update: 2021-10-06


What are you thirsty for? What’s the habit or person or behavior you’ve returned to repeatedly—always dipping your bucket and yet coming up dry? And what difference should it make that Jesus has offered you his living water? 

On Season One of Live Like It’s True, we’re discussing the true stories of Jesus. On episode 2, I'm so honored to have as my guest Mary DeMuth, to talk about the True Story at the Well. 

Guest: Mary DeMuth
Bible Passage: John 4:1-30 NLT, The Samaritan Woman at the Well
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Featured Resource: The Day I Met Jesus co-authored by Mary DeMuth
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Mary DeMuth is an international speaker, literary agent, podcaster, and the author of over forty books, including The Day I Met Jesus.   Mary loves to help people re-story their lives. She lives in Texas with her husband of 30 years and is the mom to three adult children. Be prayed for on her daily prayer podcast with 2 million downloads: Pray Everyday podcast.

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The Woman at the Well

The true story of the Woman at the Well is found in John 4:1-30 of your Bible. (Please note that in the broadcast, Mary is using the NLT and I thought I was using the NLT, but actually I was reading from the ESV. Sorry about that confusion!) 

It's the true story of a Samaritan woman who had the longest recorded theological conversation with Jesus in the Bible. I hope you'll be amazed by the approachableness of Jesus and his thirst-quenching water, and then I hope you'll live like the story is true.

Live the Story
Here are some ways to live like this story from John 4 is true. 

  • When Jesus said, “Go get your husband," it was because he wanted to have a forthright conversation with the woman at the well about her sin and her thirst. I shouldn't try to hide something from Jesus, because he already knows. What do I need to have an honest conversation with him about? 
  • Jesus revealed to the woman that He was the Messiah and it changed everything for her. How have I responded to the Messiah? Have I bent my knee, and lived like it’s true that He is the Anointed One of God?

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The True Story at the Well {Mary DeMuth - John 4}

The True Story at the Well {Mary DeMuth - John 4}

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