DiscoverChurch with Jesse Lee PetersonThe Truth About Fear (Sunday Service 9/13/09)
The Truth About Fear (Sunday Service 9/13/09)

The Truth About Fear (Sunday Service 9/13/09)

Update: 2020-05-28


BOND Sunday Service, originally aired September 13, 2009: Jesse asks if people had a life (as he often does), then asks how many have fear, and how people overcame it. He gives a great monologue. Whites refuse to speak up to black Americans for fear of being called "racist." They discovered most of their black Christian friends called them racist for disagreeing with new black President Barack Obama. They're losing their friends who were never friends anyway.

Tell the truth because you love what's right — love God. You're of the Devil, of the prince of deception when you have doubt, go back and forth, and listening to the lies in your mind. People falsely judge themselves if things don't work out the way they've learned and compare themselves to others. Relax and go for the ride.

Mothers put fear in their children by causing them to have resentment by the mothers' own anger, fear, and overreactions. One guy asks about whether men necessarily need to get married. Love truth. And let go and live!

Jesse talks with many people about dealing with fear. You deserve what you get in life. Accept what you are, and don't judge it either way, and you can overcome. Don't make excuses the way Adam and Eve did. Christ made it possible! Sit still. Stillness is so important. You won't enter the Kingdom of Heaven with hatred in your heart.


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The Truth About Fear (Sunday Service 9/13/09)

The Truth About Fear (Sunday Service 9/13/09)

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