DiscoverA Date With DatelineThe Ultimatum S.27 Ep.08
The Ultimatum S.27 Ep.08

The Ultimatum S.27 Ep.08

Update: 2019-12-052


Manksgiving 2019 has past and Dennis is Enough Murphy has arrived to remind us that now matter how bad our family may behave... it can get worse. K & K are ready to dissect THE ULTIMATUM! A case where the actual title actually refers to something so vile that Kimberly may finally have the vapors. New Segments include: Dateline Dundies, What Does He Smell Like (sponsored by Duke Cannon) and Dennis Explains It All (Aka Dennis Talks Cop). So, grab a stack of pancakes and whether you be in an warehouse, farm house, hen house, out house or dog house - please enjoy this very, very, very special episode of A Date with Dateline!

Official Description from NBCU: When a mother is discovered dead inside her home, it appears to be a suicide. But when investigators start to interview those closest to her, an evil plot emerges. Dennis Murphy reports.

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The Ultimatum S.27 Ep.08

The Ultimatum S.27 Ep.08

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