DiscoverPatriot Watch MediaThe Unadulterated WACO Truth pt 1 #595
The Unadulterated WACO Truth pt 1 #595

The Unadulterated WACO Truth pt 1 #595

Update: 2020-05-10


In tonight's episode, your hosts will be discussing part 1 of the truth on the WACO siege. There is evidence that tends to incriminate the FBI, explaining that the items found at the site were “problematic or at least questionable” in corroborating FBI claims that their agents were not responsible for starting the blaze. The truth is still coming out. Federal agents from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the ATF, had staged a raid on the compound, using Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles. At the end of the siege, a fire broke out in the compound, killing 86 people, including 24 children. Janet Reno's Justice Department had always claimed that federal agents had nothing to do with the fire, and that it was set by those inside.

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The Unadulterated WACO Truth pt 1 #595

The Unadulterated WACO Truth pt 1 #595