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The Universal Journey of Becoming with Kiersten Mohr

The Universal Journey of Becoming with Kiersten Mohr

Update: 2020-12-02


Growing up in small-town Saskatchewan in the 80s, Kiersten Mohr searched for ways to fit into the box society had ticked for her. After a life-time of accommodating stereotypes, internalizing societal beliefs, and indulging self defeating inner dialogue, she came to a tipping point and knew things could not go on the way they were.

What Kiersten uncovered through her gender transition journey was that the decades of personal struggle were never about being transgender, but were about being human. This realization helped her to recognize a fundamental bond between us all: that at our core, we share the need for self-actualization, and are all transitioning towards a more authentic version of ourselves. Kiersten hopes that her story will broaden acceptance of gender diversity, while also inspiring everyone to seek their authentic selves with courage, openness, and vulnerability.

Kiersten is a geologist, speaker, writer, advocate, and an openly transgender woman in Alberta. She is also the board co-chair for the Skipping Stone Foundation, President of the Airdrie Pride Society, and a passionate member of the Alberta Women's Advisory Cabinet for Ducks Unlimited.

In this episode:
1.The developmental years and the search for self-acceptance (Intro).
2.The moment of truth (7:18 ).
3.Opening the door to self-exploration (11:32 ).
4.Shifting the internalized paradigm (14:14 ).
5.Giving yourself permission to step forward (19:58 ).
6.Overcoming fear of the unknown and making big life changes (24:45 ).
7.When to share beyond your closest inner circle, and understanding the impact (27:44 ).
8.The importance of not reinforcing fear in our messaging (37:33 ).
9.The 10-80-10 Rule and the spectrum of acceptance (41:47 ).
10.How to talk to the kids (47:39 ).
11.Support and transition in the workplace (58:18 ).
12.Connection through vulnerability (1:04:15 )

Connect with Kiersten
As the founder of Terra Firma Transition Consulting, Kiersten and her colleagues are passionate about helping organizations develop inclusive policies and gender transition procedures. If you are interested in learning how her team can support you or your organization, get in touch with her through Linkedin at

Connect with Helen
If you would like to connect with Helen to find out how she can assist in your journey, please visit








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The Universal Journey of Becoming with Kiersten Mohr

The Universal Journey of Becoming with Kiersten Mohr

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