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The Vision: Journaling with Duanna Barnes

The Vision: Journaling with Duanna Barnes

Update: 2021-02-25


Write the vision...

If you value it then write it down. If it brought you pain then write it down. Journaling is therapeutic but for many entrepreneurs, it is adding another stream of revenue. It gives us an opportunity to flush out ideas and yes even write notes of encouragement to ourselves while we are on our journey. This is so much different than the diary Brandy used in the show Moesha. This can be your lifeline to something greater.

This was a highly requested topic because so many don't see the value in writing things down. They either don't write things down allowing ideas to stay in their mind with the groceries or they write down things and do not have a plan in place to go back and read the journals. Oh, I know you have notebooks collecting dust on the shelf. I do too...well at least I did before I started doing a yearly purge.

In this episode with Duanna we took a deep dive into what having a journal can do for you as an entrepreneur.

Duanna's nuggets:
~ Create your own prompts by asking yourself questions (About goals, family, health, finances, etc.)
~ You value certain things after you have gone through something. What are those things that you value?
~ The fight is you vs. YOU - don't get distracted by comparison
~ Instead of fighting yourself build yourself up and start fighting the things that are trying to kill your dreams.
~ Make it a habit to address the misunderstandings...even when it feels uncomfortable
~ When you speak things out of your mouth you are speaking to yourself and over your dreams
~ Journaling is the opportunity to sit with yourself

"Why not now? Ultimately, a lot of times the things that we're so scared about when it comes to this fear are things that we created in our head." ~ Duanna

Sometimes the story that we tell ourselves is much different than the reality we are living. As creatives, we can come up with full production in our heads of what we think may happen. Don't allow that story to lead you away from your dream. Instead, as you journal you can recreate the vision you see. Change the negative thoughts and stories into positive ones and then rehearse them.

Life didn't come with a manual but through journaling, you can create one. This can be your manual and possibly the manual that someone else needs as well.

Meet Duanna:

I am Duanna Barnes a new author who created a series of journals. After writing in a journal for 2 years after my spouse passed, instead of tossing it, I created something out of it.

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The Vision: Journaling with Duanna Barnes

The Vision: Journaling with Duanna Barnes

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