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Update: 2021-03-3022


Lead detectives in the murder investigation of University of Utah student MacKenzie Lueck speak exclusively to Keith Morrison about the case that made national headlines.

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Jill K

I don't see anything powerful about women/ young girls going out asking old men for money... What is powerful about that? That shows me that you're not powerful enough to make money the honest way. What I find empowering for women is to get a job and pay yourself. And yes, this is coming from a female. It's just soooo shady.

Apr 9th
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Ashley Pickett

Being from Utah, hearing these stories it hits me hard! But in August 2020 my bestfriend was murdered by an 18 yr old man she was helping out by giving him a ride! He stabbed her while she was driving and then pushed her out onto the freeway, where she then got ran over by other vehicles! I don't understand how there can be so much evil in one person! Having young children, I'm absolutely terrified to let them grow up, and become adults because I can't protect them as much. In this podcast the victim was in College, working, living a model lifestyle, and she fell victim to the evil around us! it's just sickening the world we live in!!! My heart goes out to her friends and family, know that she's always with you no matter what!

Apr 3rd
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The Waiting Car

The Waiting Car

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