DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowThe War on Biden and the War on the West
The War on Biden and the War on the West

The War on Biden and the War on the West

Update: 2022-06-0612


President Biden goes to battle...with his own staff; Douglas Murray breaks down the Left's attempts to cancel western culture; and I answer some of your questions.

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Comments (20)

Perry D. Nixon

God, why do people listen to this guy. a person has to be truly willfully delusional to believe anything this moron says

Jun 8th
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James Loar

@12:10 basically Canada is 1 generation away from only criminals having handguns since people would not be allowed to transfer them to their families?

Jun 7th

Көзіңді аш

What Marxist/Antifa/Liedon doesn't want you to know is that all of America's population are being kept in saline solution pods, being kept alive through stem cells. Only Q and Donald Trump can see the granular edges of the simulation. I am not being metaphorical, although mouthbreathing insipid trolls will attempt to cast doubt on this real truth. We are not really doing anything, we are floating in pods in a government warehouse. America's population is only about 300,000 while the rest are staged programs. Awaken children, for this is a dream.

Jun 6th
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The War on Biden and the War on the West

The War on Biden and the War on the West

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