DiscoverHistory ImpossibleThe Werewolves of the Fourth Reich (Trauma)
The Werewolves of the Fourth Reich (Trauma)

The Werewolves of the Fourth Reich (Trauma)

Update: 2019-10-02


On April 30th, 1945, Adolf Hitler's brain was ripped apart by the bullet he'd fired through his skull. That is how we believe the Second World War ended. But in reality, the struggle to crush the most evil of regimes and its ideas was just beginning and arguably never ended. This is the story of how that struggle began with the Germans who refused to believe that the end--their end--had come, and as a result, transformed (if only metaphorically) into packs of werewolves, men who had unleashed the beast lurking somewhere within them, causing one of the least discussed insurgencies in modern history.

In this epic tale covering both the Nazi ideology's supernaturally-minded roots themselves as well as the results of crushing Nazism and the origins of our sheer terror at the regime and ideology's meaning, we'll dive into some of the strangest ideas and most desperate figures we've covered in History Impossible so far. From the occult and esoteric origins of the Nazi religion to the unrepentant true believers in the Fuhrer (some of whom thought him to be alive). From the bombings of Allied occupiers' administrations to the assassinations of collaborators and "traitors". From the decapitation wires strung across the roads of rural Germany to the sugar packets filled with explosive powder. From the streets of Berlin to the streets of Charlottesville.

Welcome to the Fourth Reich. 

Many thanks to the musicians who contributed their work to this episode, including Kai Engel with their song "Dark Alley".









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The Werewolves of the Fourth Reich (Trauma)

The Werewolves of the Fourth Reich (Trauma)

Alexander von Sternberg