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The Winning Season Formula (Live Training)

The Winning Season Formula (Live Training)

Update: 2020-07-30


THE PRICE OF PROCRASTINATION This is a very special episode of “The Winning Season” recorded by Jacqueline V. Twillie, host of the #WinningSeason Podcast for the private FB Community.

 In this episode, our host stresses on how expensive the price of procrastination could be, and how, by the learnings from this podcast, one could fruitfully deal with it. 

She tells us there are 3 areas where procrastination can hit on our lives and how they could strongly affect our productivity. The cost of procrastination as mentioned are:

 1. Missed opportunities (10:10 )

 2. Finances (08:58 )

 3. Health and Personal well-being (13:04 ) Procrastination keeps you stuck at a place, perhaps by making you feel that even the other people around you aren’t doing anything. It is also important to know how to negotiate for your finances as and when needed. By procrastinating on how the outcome would have been, if you had negotiated, you’re keeping yourself stuck in your thoughts. 

The host describes 3 worthwhile elements that would help you move past procrastination, having garnered sufficient experience helping others who’ve had to deal with the same. 

These are 1. Eliminating excuses (18:15 )

 2. Getting yourself a partner /coach (20:45 )

 3. Rewarding good behavior (23:45 ) By being honest to yourself and having a level of self-awareness, you can very efficiently develop the ability to get win-win outcomes.

 Getting a partner can help you stay accountable to yourself, could help pick you up when you laze around. Citing a famous quote by Zig Ziglar, which explains that you’re not always going to be motivated, Jaqueline tells us how a coach could help you stay on track. What distinguishes successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people do the things they need to do even when they do not feel like doing it, while unsuccessful people tend to brood over their lack of motivation. It is also very important to reward yourself for your success. The rewards need not be extravagant or expensive. Do anything which makes you happy! 

Giving homework toward the close of the session, our host asks you to jot down the list of excuses you’ve been telling yourself all this time. Self-awareness could help you get out of it. “Level up! Do something to invest in yourself today!”


: 1. (05:05 ) ** - What to do when stuck and stressed 

2. (07:20 ) ** - The cost of procrastination

 3. (18:15 ) ** - Elements to move past procrastination

 4. (16:55 ) ** - An inspiring story 

5. (21:49 ) ** - Zig Ziglar’s famous quote 

6. (23:05 ) ** - Difference between successful and unsuccessful people

 7. (27:08 ) ** - Homework for today 

8. (29:00 ) ** - Invest in yourself Let's talk if you need help going from stuck and stressed to #winningseason


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The Winning Season Formula (Live Training)

The Winning Season Formula (Live Training)

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