DiscoverAwesome Marriage PodcastThe Worst Marriage Advice We've Heard | Ep. 529
The Worst Marriage Advice We've Heard | Ep. 529

The Worst Marriage Advice We've Heard | Ep. 529

Update: 2022-10-18


Have you gotten bad marriage advice? We sure have! We’ve heard so many things that just aren’t helpful for marriage, but we didn’t always realize it! Trying to follow a harmful piece of marriage will damage your marriage over time. So today we call out bad marriage advice, give ways to prevent yourself from falling prey to it, and help you determine what's good advice, and what's worth tossing out. 

Episode highlights include: 

  • How to tell whether it’s good advice or not 
  • The downside of getting marriage advice online 
  • Plus Dr. Kim answers an listener question about a spouse who refuses to go to church 


We pray this episode is helpful to you and your marriage. 


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The Worst Marriage Advice We've Heard | Ep. 529

The Worst Marriage Advice We've Heard | Ep. 529