DiscoverWhat Happens in the WoodsThe cards never lie, People do!
The cards never lie, People do!

The cards never lie, People do!

Update: 2020-12-18


This episode we discuss a female criminal who used her business of fortune telling in North Seattle to scam people out of their hard earned money.

In 2007 Sylvia Sutton chanced upon meeting the fortune teller Lady Monica at a street fair in Seattle’s International District. Sylvia made an impulse decision to have her palm read; one that would haunt her the rest of her life. Over the next few years Lady Monica, better known by her real identity of Brenda Nicholas, would scam Sylvia out of her life savings under the guise of “help” to cure a gray aura.

Unfortunately, that isn’t all Lady Monica did.

In 2011, when highly decorated war hero Patrick Fleming turns up murdered in his retirement home residence, police start piecing together a connection between Sylvia, Patrick and Lady Monica aka Brenda Nicholas. Brenda’s greed would be the ultimate downfall for her and her associates and eventually all responsible parties pay for their crimes.

We discuss crimes against the elderly and persons with mental health issues in this episode, a very serious subject, and felt that it was a good idea to mention the subject of loneliness these members of our community often face.

If you are so inclined, here are some links with information on how you can brighten someone's day, even during this pandemic when in-person contact is limited. These are only 3 of many ways you could connect with someone. If you know of more, please message us to get the words out. Please consider doing a random act of kindness this holiday season in your community in any way possible.

Ways for Senior Citizens to stay connected during the pandemic

Letters Against Depression Volunteer

How to help and give back in your community

Happy Holidays, from our small campsite in the woods to yours…

Some information from this episode:

Killer Scammer: The True Story of Brenda Nicholas by Ana Benson

Purchase on Amazon Books

Investigation Discovery shows on Brenda Nicholas and her crimes:

Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen on Amazon Prime *pay to view*

Dead of Night on Amazon Prime *pay to view*

Charges against killer of war veteran:

Brenda Nicholas is sentenced for her crimes:

Conviction of Charles Jungbluth:

The list of grievances in Brenda’s appeals after her conviction:








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The cards never lie, People do!

The cards never lie, People do!

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