DiscoverPitchfork Economics with Nick HanauerThe case for a True New Deal (with Bharat Ramamurti)
The case for a True New Deal (with Bharat Ramamurti)

The case for a True New Deal (with Bharat Ramamurti)

Update: 2021-01-121


In a recent report, The Roosevelt Institute called for a new set of policies to mitigate the economic suffering caused by the pandemic. Taken all together, these policies are as sweeping as the New Deal was—but unlike the New Deal, they’re truly representative of America’s race, class, and gender diversity. Attorney Bharat Ramamurti, the incoming Deputy Director of the Biden administration’s National Economic Council and a co-author of the report, joins Nick and Goldy to make the case for a True New Deal. 

Bharat Ramamurti is the incoming Deputy Director of the National Economic Council. At the time of our interview, he was the managing director of the Corporate Power Program at the Roosevelt Institute and a member of the COVID-19 Congressional Oversight Commission. He was previously an economic advisor to Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

Twitter: @BharatRamamurti

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A True New Deal: 


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Not a bad set of principles overall, but the debt-cancellation suggestions sound plainly stupid and shallow, especially when disconnected from solutions to the causes of such debts. Worse, the egregious and inflammatory use of race as a proxy for SES is infuriating and grotesque.

Jan 13th

Cheryl Piperberg

All of these proposals could be good - However something was glaringly missing ( Universal Health Care) When you got to “ cancelling Medical Debt” I was shocked at the questions and lack of expressing the truth. “Medical Debt” only exists in America- (and SHOULD NOT EXIST!!) In other countries where there is Universal Healthcare for all rather than our corrupt for-profit inefficient health care system, there is no Medical Debt- Very disappointed that this was not stated and that Universal Health Care was not one of the 9 proposals

Jan 12th
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The case for a True New Deal (with Bharat Ramamurti)

The case for a True New Deal (with Bharat Ramamurti)

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