DiscoverCrime BeatThe final homecoming of Lukas Strasser-Hird Part: 2 | 7
The final homecoming of Lukas Strasser-Hird Part: 2 | 7

The final homecoming of Lukas Strasser-Hird Part: 2 | 7

Update: 2019-12-1711


18-year-old, Lukas Strasser-Hird had aspirations of becoming a trauma surgeon.

Instead, on November 23, 2013, he laid on an operating table, as a trauma surgeon worked to try and save his life.

He was out at a nightclub, celebrating his return from a year studying abroad, when he became the victim of a savage attack.

It took mere minutes for a group of guys to swarm him.

He was kicked, stabbed and beaten beyond recognition.

It was so hard to comprehend how this happened to Lukas-- and over what?

All he did was defend a stranger.

Police had their work cut out for them-- with so many involved in the attack... it was a daunting task.

To make matters worse...the savage swarming was not captured on surveillance video…

Would there ever be justice for Lukas?

On this episode of the Global News podcast Crime Beat, crime reporter Nancy Hixt concludes her two-part series, and follows along as his family was dealt a series of debilitating blows in their search for justice in his case.

Follow the emotional rollercoaster Lukas’ loved ones have been on for more than six years.

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Louise Roberts

So much of the personal details of this case is extremely heartbreaking. Myself, having children this age I know often friends take priority. I am that parent whom would say, yes hang out with your friends first what's another day? We will see you tomorrow! After listening to this podcast episode that is no longer my thoughts. A detail that a Parent of a young adult who's child is still best friends with friends he has known his whole life and not seeing them for a year wouldn't understand. My 19 year old son had been away for just over a year in Vancouver. He was coming home for Christmas and I insisted I was going to be the one picking him up at the airport particularly because of this episode. I had discussed this with my husband and another person whom we both listen to Crime Beat and discuss the cases afterwards. If I could share a screen shot on December 19th, I would, "After listening to that episode NEVER will I be that parent again!!! I'm picking Mark up at the Airport on Sunday. I'm seeing him FIRST no matter what... it's been over a year". I did indeed pick my son up at the airport and was THE first to see him. I brought him straight to his twin sister and other family. We all go the opportunity to see Mark THEN he got the opportunity to see his friends. His Dad and I got a call in the middle of the night that Mark was in the hospital. My son was beaten up pretty severely. He was at a club with his friends and he walked to the bathroom with one of them. While his friend was in the bathroom he tried to be friendly with a few other kids his age. They explained they were not friends and as my son attempted to walk away he was grabbed, held down then punched and kicked repeatedly. Bouncers broke them up and sent ALL of them outside including my son without a friend. He was alone, hurt and bloody amongst four aggressors. My son fortunately saw an opportunity and jumped into an awaiting cab whom brought him to the hospital. This could have been so much worse and I am thankful it wasn't. I am also extremely thankful I saw my child first and because of the heartbreak of this family I did. I believe there should be more standards and rules in place for procedures security takes at these establishments. In my son's situation they just wanted the aggresive behavior out of the club regardless of there being a victim. Since talking to others about this with others including young people this is a regular occurrence. This must change!

Jan 14th

T. Hu

A kind young good Samaritan dies in such brutal and senseless way is taking away my faith in humanity. For the legal system to take so long and so much to put only some but not all who were responsible in prison dealt another blow to my faith.

Dec 20th

Mike Richter

unfortunately this what happens in a socialist country!

Dec 17th
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The final homecoming of Lukas Strasser-Hird Part: 2 | 7

The final homecoming of Lukas Strasser-Hird Part: 2 | 7