DiscoverMom SLOW DOWN!The imperfect reality of motherhood
The imperfect reality of motherhood

The imperfect reality of motherhood

Update: 2021-03-02


Speaking up about the imperfect reality of motherhood is important to dispel the guilt and shame surrounding this topic. It’s okay to say that you need time away from your child for self-care! It’s okay not to “bounce back” after having a baby! Motherhood is an incredible thing, and we are blessed to have that experience, but it’s certainly not all perfect and wonderful. It’s a gamut of emotions, but no one talks about it. Adopting a both-and mentality is important – it’s both beautiful and difficult – as is finding the support you need and making sure not to compare yourself with others. Today we are joined by Jaya, a Healthcare Project Manager, mom of two boys, fashionista who loves yoga, spirituality, and who believes in all the connections of people through the heart and soul. Tune into this episode to hear Jaya share her experience of motherhood, both the ups and the downs, as she talks about dealing with family pressure, discovering there is no “normal”, the need for external support, and taking time for yourself. Find out what she learned between baby one to baby two, including accepting her changed body, taking the pressure off of herself to create aspirational content about motherhood for social media, and taking “perfect” representations on Instagram with a pinch of salt. Tuen in to find out more! 

Key Points From This Episode:

•    Jaya talks about the night she had her first son and the disconnect she felt with motherhood.

•    Learning to deal with family pressure to have kids and sticking to your own timeline.

•    Jaya explains that she wished she knew what she was signing up for – the imperfect reality.

•    Learning that there is no “normal”, as Jaya learned with sleep patterns or breastfeeding.

•    The shame and guilt around breastfeeding (or being unable to breastfeed).

•    It takes a village to raise a child: Jaya talks about the need for external support.

•    The issue with the lack of honest feedback and support for postpartum depression.

•    Why Jaya believes having freedom of choice is crucial – it’s okay to need time to yourself!

•    Accepting changes in your body post-pregnancy and not comparing yourself to others.

•    There is only so much you can do as a mother – to be there, you need time for yourself.

•    The value of potentially taking a break from social media as a new mom.

•    How the tides are changing on social media, with messy, imperfect representations of motherhood overtaking the curated ones.

•    Jaya has taken the pressure off of herself to create aspirational content for social media.

•    Taking what works for you from influencer’s content and leaving the rest.

•    Jaya asks Jessica what inspired her to start her organization.

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The imperfect reality of motherhood

The imperfect reality of motherhood

Jessica Gershman