DiscoverThe Indian Startup ShowThe indian Startup Show - The Best Bits [Part13]
The indian Startup Show - The Best Bits [Part13]

The indian Startup Show - The Best Bits [Part13]

Update: 2020-10-04


 I speak to Yashika Shah the co-founder of Nandoo. Nandoo is India's only FUN health & wellness startup. Since launching they already have 200,000 members. So in this episode she talks about how it all works. You will learn how she manages a full time job working in investment banking, while working on this startup. Being married to the co-founder. She talks about building a community & targeting stressed out Indian millennials and find out how many minutes you need to walk to get an IPhone!

In this episode we also talk about:

  • 4.30AM starts!
  • Taking fun seriously! Today
  • How they went from 0-200,000 in under 6 months
  • Future business models
  • Indian marketing strategies - what worked, & what didn't work
  • Work life balance

Next up I Rajiv Talreja India’s Leading Business Coach and is the author of the International Bestseller called – “Lead or Bleed” So in this episode You will learn how to stand out from the competition. Mistakes entrepreneurs make. Examples of core strategies that you can use in your business. And why the customer is not the king! 

in this conversation we also talk about:

  • Having a strict father
  • Being in debt
  • "If you don't lead in your business you will bleed!" 
  • Two failed businesses.
  • Anyone who has scaled a business is not the most intelligent person on the team.
  • Spirituality.
  • Business heroes
  • Being a selfish cricketer
  • Being a freak of work life balance.
  • Living an 'And' life not an 'Or' life
  • TedX talk
  • Why self employment is a trap.

Next up Akshaara Lalwani founder of Communicate India one of the fastest growing Marketing and PR companies in India. She started this business from her bedroom age 23 and now in the 10th year employs over 100 people has clients around the world and won a number of awards. So in this episode she talks about her amazing journey. Some of her favourite PR campaigns - including flying pizzas. You will learn about client relationships and how she measures success , and dealing with crisis management and finally some chat about Margaret Thatcher , sushi , Will Smith, Tequila, insects and eating pizza 14 days in row!

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • Challenging first year
  • Growing 150% in the last year
  • 'You can't please everyone - Not even chocolate can!'
  • Getting a pizza delivered by a drone!
  • The dream company she would like to work with.
  • Being careful of how you use social influencers
  • Establishing a 90:10 gender ratio
  • Learning on the job
  • What she has learned as a female entrepreneur
  • Being called the Margaret Thatcher of the PR industry
  • Expecting the worst not the best

And Finally Venk Potula. Venk is an award-winning Indian-American filmmaker and actor, producer & creator of the new Indian-American fiction podcast called Masala Jones. A subversive and daring new comedy about one man's journey to become the world's first Indian-American adult actor. Venk talks about his life in Hollywood as an Indian-American , how he come up with idea. his entrepreneurial spirit. An amazing story of how he got discovered. What fame is really like and what comes with it. His dream role. We go through his IMDB appearing in VEEP and finally a great story about playing a zombie (make sure your not eating anything!)

in this conversation we also talk about

  • How much research did he do?
  • Working with hall of fame AVN actress Aurora Snow
  • Virtual Reality in the theater
  • Appearing on Veep was he star struck?
  • Time spent at UCLA
  • Hollywood parties
  • Stay out of L.A!
  • Making money in the entertainment business
  • Taking acting classes - Running around staring at walls
  • Being a hustler


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The indian Startup Show - The Best Bits [Part13]

The indian Startup Show - The Best Bits [Part13]

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