DiscoverThe #SpeakEasy PodcastThe next season is my due season with Dr. Eric Holmes
The next season is my due season with Dr. Eric Holmes

The next season is my due season with Dr. Eric Holmes

Update: 2020-12-22


I think many can agree with the statement that "We are overdue for a due season". From a pandemic to a runaway beefalo, 2020 has shown up and showed out. Some were able to ride the wave while others had a wipeout. No matter how you may have made it back to land exhaustion is the common thread.

So how do you prepare for your season?
What will help you to become on fire for what is coming next?

In this episode, Dr. Eric shared his strategy for looking beyond your current circumstances towards your next season. He said that the starting point should be prayer so that we are in alignment with the plan God has for our lives. Look at prayer as a way in instead a way out when it comes to the goals that you have. Sustainability comes when you make prayer a priority in your strategy.

"You've got to stay in the race and stay in your lane" ~ Dr. Eric

Dr. Erics nuggets:
~ There will always be challenges when you are on a journey to your purpose
~ It won't always be about how fast you are going but more about you being constant
~ Learn the habits that help you to to press through press over and press beyond to get what you need
~ Don't be distracted by other people measuring your success
~ Consistency creates conversation that you need and want
~ What you need could only be a few steps in front of where you are...don't stop.
~ Embrace things as they change

Invest in your brain in order to increase your belief in your vision. Affirmations add to the constant reminder of what you are looking to achieve. It pulls your focus to your next season and helps you to accept that your current season is temporary. This is helpful on your journey in life and business when your circumstances may not be favorable.

Do you have a strategy in place to handle the uncertainties of life? We would love to hear your story.

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Meet Dr. Eric:

Dr. Eric L. Holmes is a senior coordinator in the Otolaryngology department at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. His fervor to excel and push his abilities has led him to earn an impressive number of awards at Johns Hopkins such as: The Edward Halee Award, the Martin Luther King Award, the Radiology Customer Service Award, and the Employee of the Year Award. With a passion and dedication to further his education and help others through his teachings. Dr. Holmeshas earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Biblical Studies and Theology, and a Doctorate in Christian education at the North Carolina College of Theology.

Dr. Holmes has been featured on many radiostations and also in several magazines. His book is now in the Enoch Pratt Libraries in Baltimore, Maryland, the Baltimore County Libraries and the Dauphin County Libraries in Pennsylvania.

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The next season is my due season with Dr. Eric Holmes

The next season is my due season with Dr. Eric Holmes

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