DiscoverHow to Scale a Video BusinessThe secret to becoming more effective. EP #162 - Den Lennie
The secret to becoming more effective. EP #162 - Den Lennie

The secret to becoming more effective. EP #162 - Den Lennie

Update: 2021-03-04


Today, Den raps about two things video business owners/freelancers can never hear too much about, namely, productivity and marketing. How good is this episode? Well, if Den packaged this audio and sold it for $1,000 dollars, it would still be a bargain! That's how good this episode is. But don't take my word for it (I'm just a copywriter), hear for yourself.  

But first...

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:'

  • The laughably simple (but powerful) "Can vs Should" productivity lesson. - 1:00
  • The one labor-intensive activity most video business owners stubbornly refuse to outsource. But those who do, NEVER go back to doing this activity. Hear the full scoop at 1:30
  • Quite possibly the best "productivity" maxim ever invented. Hear this beauty at 2:20
  • Need more clients? Fair enough. But whatever you do, don't go off chasing new clients without doing this first....  - 2:30
  • How to tap into the potential goldmine of business that's sitting right under your nose. (Best part: getting new business this way won't cost you one red cent! - 2:50 )
  • Den's frighteningly effective email marketing strategy for landing new clients and igniting a riot of new cash. Bonus: Den gives you his exact email copy (script) right down to what to say in the subject line to ensure it gets opened. - Den could charge a pretty penny for this type of information, but for some reason, Den seems to spill the beans whenever he gets in front of a mic. If you're smart, you'll take full advantage of Den's almost over-the-top generosity. The crash course starts at 3:00 )
  • A 2-second mindset "tweak" that can take you from being a lousy marketer to an outstanding one. All great marketers possess this mindset. Hear this at 5:20
  • How to do follow-up like a pro. - 6:30
  • A sneaky (and very effective) way to drum up referral work almost out of thin air! (Just follow the advice given at 7:30 and watch what happens.)
  • What NEVER to say to a past client when doing a follow-up. Sadly, this exactly what most business owners blurt out when speaking to a past client. (Saying this will have them wondering two things: (1) why did I agree to this conversation? and (2) How can I quickly end this conversation? - 9:25 )
  • An "all but forgotten" marketing strategy that works even better than what it did in its heyday. (If you're looking for new business for your video business, you'd be crazy not to do this...  - 10:45 )
  • The “A4” marketing secret most business owners are clueless about. - 12:35
  • How to use coffee beans to land new business. - 13:25 How to use an ordinary calendar to bring in new business. - 14:00
  • A hardly ever talked about way to shake the ol’ money tree. If you're not currently doing what Den mentions at 14:20 , then you're leaving so much money on the table it's not even funny.
  • A ridiculously effective marketing formula that's also caveman simple to implement, yet for some strange reason, people shy away from doing this. Go figure. - 17:30
  • Why using all the best marketing strategies in the world won't amount to a hill of beans if you don't have this one thing... - 18:00

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The secret to becoming more effective. EP #162 - Den Lennie

The secret to becoming more effective. EP #162 - Den Lennie

Den Lennie