DiscoverTED Talks DailyThe way we think about biological sex is wrong | Emily Quinn
The way we think about biological sex is wrong | Emily Quinn

The way we think about biological sex is wrong | Emily Quinn

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Did you know that almost 150 million people worldwide are born intersex -- with biology that doesn't fit the standard definition of male or female? (That's as many as the population of Russia.) At age 10, Emily Quinn found out she was intersex, and in this wise, funny talk, she shares eye-opening lessons from a life spent navigating society's thoughtless expectations, doctors who demanded she get unnecessary surgery -- and advocating for herself and the incredible variety that humans come in. (Contains mature content)
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luke nackley

I think it's important to recognize that in order to operate this huge society we have created it is necessary to create generalized classes. these are based on tangible and superficial characteristics. such as insurance companies using data to determine whether a 19 year old boy will get a more expensive premium than a 40 year old woman. maybe it is data collected by marketing companies to be used when creating a product or service. my point is that these things (data) are unbiased. I would also like to say that I totally respect this woman for what she is doing here. she is so well spoken and very obviously has incredible compassion and mindfulness. I love when she asks does sex correlate to kindess, intelligence, etc. and I agree.

Feb 24th

Evan ApRhys

just want to say in regards to men not feeling self conscious about how much beard hair they grow or how masculine they are. I am self conscious about it, and I do feel inferior for not being manly enough. I have issues with not being able to grow a full beard. I understand that Emily's perspective is one sided (female) and she wouldn't know. typically men, at least me, suffer in silence. this is the first time I've talked about this in fact.

Feb 3rd

Ufc journeyman

Evan ApRhys Woah, you're a man so no one wants to hear about your issues as you aren't on the victimhood hierarchy

Feb 6th

FirstPrinciple r

Evan ApRhys I totally get what you mean. Even though I didn't have the same insecurities as you, I had my own insecurities since I was young. But by talking about it openly, I found out that I have built so much False informations and that was making me insecure even more. So after that breakthrough moment, I am slowly getting more self confident bekng myself. I hope you can open yourself up more starting from this comment, and hopefully overcome the self built insecurities.

Feb 5th
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The way we think about biological sex is wrong | Emily Quinn

The way we think about biological sex is wrong | Emily Quinn

Emily Quinn