DiscoverTX Tomorrow ExploredThe world's first Data Union, Swash
The world's first Data Union, Swash

The world's first Data Union, Swash

Update: 2020-10-13


Both Swash and Streamr are companies on a mission to create a better, more dignified internet where people are in control of their data and rewarded for their contributions as data providers. On this episode, we have Reza Naeeni, Co-Founder and CEO of Swash and Shiv Malik, Head of Growth at the Streamr project.

Streamr recently launched their Data Union framework, and Swash is the first real-world example of a Data Union built on the Streamr technology stack. Swash browser plugin allows users to monetise their browsing data, giving users the tools to capture their data, choose what they want to share and what to hide, and then send it in real-time to Streamr’s data Marketplace where buyers can purchase the data.

The open-source Data Union framework makes this kind of proposition viable by bringing together the data from a large number of data providers and making it available to buyers, and then enabling data providers to withdraw payments for their data from the single Ethereum smart contract. Swash is already used by thousands of users around the world.

With Reza and Shiv, we talk about the issues around data selling today and how Data Unions can alleviate these problems, open up new ethical business opportunities and fairer value chains around data. In this new world, all partners benefit from data exchange.

In the TX Podcast series, we dive into web 3 technologies and their role in the emergence of data economies with guests from some of the most forward-thinking companies from around the world. We talk about innovative ways of engineering value from data and the next generation of internet technologies including blockchain, decentralisation, AI and machine learning.

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The world's first Data Union, Swash

The world's first Data Union, Swash

Ben Sheppard